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Ikigai Book PDF Download
Ikigai Book PDF Download

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Book Name Ikigai Book PDF
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Ikigai Book PDF:- Ikigai is a book that will teach you how to find your passion and purpose in life. But not just that. This book will also teach you diets and exercises to keep yourself physically healthy and different techniques to relieve stress. It’s a short read and a beginner-friendly self-help book you should read.

Ikigai Book PDF: Free Download 

Ikigai Book Pdf Download: There is an island in Japan named Okinawa where people have lived for more than a hundred years, and it is also said that people there live the longest and happiest lives. For this, they use a formula whose name is ikigai; it means reason to live, and the good thing is that by using the ikigai formula, anyone in the world can be successful and live a long life. By using four circles in the formula, first of all, the purpose of one’s life is found out, that is, the work for which you were born, so these four circles should intersect that work of yours.Number one: a work that you like. Number two is a job that you are good at. Number three is a job for which you get paid. Number four is a work that the world needs. The work in which you get all these four is your ikigai.


Ikigai Book PDF

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The Five Habits of The Ikigai Book

1. Do Not Develop The Habit of Working With Tension

Today, more than 80% of people do every task with tension, and this habit of tension is gradually increasing in everyone. Tension is considered a silent killer because, due to tension, we lose our energy and also start feeling weak. Therefore, to eliminate tension, we should do the five tasks of the morning by relaxing.

2. Do Not Try To Make Everything Perfect; Just Stay In The Flow

Stop being perfect at everything and do every small and big thing with full concentration. If you want to be happy, then go into a flow state many times a day. Flow state means the state where nothing else matters except the present action; your focus and action become effortless, and only after going into flow state do many qualities come out in you.

3. Accept The Difficulty and Smile

We can learn this from the people of Okinawa.  There is not a single bar in Okinawa District because people there believe that to be happy, you need mental health and not alcohol. Life is hard; you have to work hard, yet people there are happy because there is a famous saying in Okinawa: First realize that there is a problem, then accept that there is a problem, and then smile.

4. Make Good Friends and Maintain Friendships

Okinawans emphasize maintaining friendship and helping each other. There is a saying in Okinawa that good friends work like good medicine because you can share everything with them, which keeps us away from depression and taste, and we do not get trapped in bad habits. Research also says that when our relationship with family and friends is strong, our chances of living a better and good life increase by 22%. That is why you should have two or three true friends with whom you can share everything that is on your mind.

5. Do Not Eat To Your Stomach’s Content.

The people of Okinawa follow some basic rules for eating food. Fill your stomach up to 80% and stop as soon as you feel that you can eat a little more.

  • Chew your food well.
  •  Stop eating sweets after meals.
  • Eat with small utensils.


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